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Peggy Good School of Hope


One of the visions of the foundation is to provide a school for the orphans and needy children and there is currently a temporary structure in the orphanage home where teaching is done.

Peggy Good School of Hope, which was the initial name of the school, was set up in 2006 and received its certificate of registration on the 6th of March 2007 as a private school within the Hohoe Municipality of the Volta region of Ghana.

The school currently runs from kindergarten to primary six and subjects like English, Mathematics, Science, Creative Arts, and ICT are taught. In November 2006, there were 4 teachers and 45 pupils; 30 boys and 15 girls but at the moment there are 96 children enrolled and 6 teachers. This number of pupils includes not only the orphans in the home but children from nearby villages.

In the future, the foundation will be happy to expand the school to include a Junior High and Senior High School system. The school is also privileged to have volunteers from all over the world assist in teaching.

PEGGY GOOD SCHOOL OF HOPE has been completed. A six classroom block with a teacher’s staff room and a headmaster’s office making it 8 rooms in all. This classroom block is being sponsored by Madison Academy and The Light Church. The project is being supervised on behalf of the two sponsors by Dr. Robert Burton, the president of Madison Academy in U.S.A. This is in memory of the late Mrs. Peggy Good who was more of a Mother to the children of the Orphanage.

Support (Peggy Good School of Hope)

- We currently have some of our children attending Junior High School in the nearby town because provisions have not yet been made for a J.S.S building. This is important to us since we don’t want the schooling of the children to be distracted. Hence one of our short term goals, with regards to School will be to put up a J.S.S block.

- We are always open to donations from the public in the form of reading materials, stationery, textbooks and any form of help that can promote the effective running of the school.