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he orphanage received its certificate of incorporation in June 2000 and a certificate to commence operation in Ghana as an NGO in January; 2004.Mama Eugenia has been caring for a lot of children especially the needy, some of which lived with her in a small home in Accra.

She cared for some of them till they attained the majority age. It is this vision and her desire to help children who unfortunately are not privileged to have parental care that the idea of establishing an orphanage was conceived. It started off with an uncompleted three bedroom house which was generously funded and renovated by the Light Church in Alabama; U.S.A. 25 children were admitted at the time with only one teacher and Mama Eugenia. Currently, there are 45 orphans in the home and 7 workers. The home is to accommodate and render care to new born babies up to the age of 15 years.

Mode of selection of children

Children who fall under the following categories are allowed admission to the home following approval from the Department of Social Welfare:

These are children whose parents are both deceased.

These are children who have lost one parent with the surviving spouse unable to provide food, shelter and clothing for them.

These are children whose parents have terminal sickness and are unable to support them. They are supported by the foundation, but outside the home.


The Eugemot orphanage is located at ve-koloenu, a village about nine kilometers to Hohoe (the district capital of Hohoe district of the Volta Region of Ghana), about 180 kilometers from Accra; the capital of Ghana. Its location is very accessible as it is along the main Accra-Hohoe Highway. Public transportation to the home is easy and affordable.

We believe that all children have the right to have access to food, shelter, clothing, respect, safety and love. Our mission is to provide these basic needs to the children who may be in exitence without these needs.

Support(Eugemot Orphanage)

- It is an immediate need for the orphanage home to get a bigger dormitory for the children and a room for caregivers and the babies. The foundation of two dormitories has been laid on the main site; one building is the Boys dormitory and the other is the Girls. This project is being sponsored by Jon Moore international Limited in Ghana. An international transport & project logistics company.

- Any donation in the form of food, clothing or physical cash to support the home is welcome.